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The first community voting of

Based on the suggestions of some community members and the spirit of openness, transparency, autonomy, and shared community, intends to conduct a public vote on the “adjustment of transaction mining mechanisms”. Voting rules are as follows:

I. Voting contents:

Adjust “80% of daily transaction fees in mining areas is used for dividend distribution” to “Deposit into the designated buyback fund pool“ . It will be used for buybacking platform points (BWB) ,The weekly buybacks is 1%~ 10% of the buyback fund pool. The bought-back BWB will be locked in the specified address. will regularly disclose the buyback information and accept community supervision.

II. Confirmation of voting results:

Two options for voting are “Agree” and “Disagree”, and the option with more votes will be regarded as community consensus. The mining mechanism will be adjusted (or not) depends on the voting result.

III. Voting time:

22:30 on 10th January 2019 to 00:00 on 12th January 2019 (UTC+8)

IV. The rights of voting:

Calculated by the number of BWBs held in the account at the time of voting (including both frozen and unfrozen BWB), one ticket for voting per 1000 BWBs. (e.g. Sally’s account has 22080 in-circulation BWBs, 37054 deposit-frozen BWBs, 214788 frozen BWBs. The total number of BWBs is 273922, Sally has 273 voting tickets. Each registered user can only vote once, and the maximum voting number cannot exceed the total number of voting tickets.

V. Other instructions:

1、The number and status of BWB will not be impacted during voting.

2、Progress of voting is open for viewing and checking.

Please be free for voting and exercising your rights. Join us to build up a prosperous community. reserves all rights of final interpretation of this activity.



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