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You commission amount: 30000*30% + 100000*20% + 200000*10%= 49000

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Scan the code or copy the address to your circle of friends, Weibo, the system can automatically track your recommended users after the user registers.

1、 Referee must use referrer’s full referral link to register and successfully activate account

2、 During event period, you can get 30% transaction fee rebate of first-level friends, 20% transaction fee rebate of second-level friends, and 10% transaction fee of third-level friends

3、 Referral rebate is distributed by the end of the following day. Rebate=Actual transaction fees of referee*rebate %

4、 Withdrawal/Deposit fees, derivatives trading such as margin, futures, Mining transaction etc. fees are excluded.

5、 Referrer enjoys referral rebate within this event period only. ( Rebate is not applied out side the event period)

6、 If referee violate rules during event period, the transaction fees will not be rebated to referrer and the referral relationship will become invalid.

7、 This event is valid only during certain period. BW reserves all rights. If any user violate rules or disrupt the event, BW will disqualify this user from this event

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