Deposit Reward

You can deposit your cryptocurrency into BW within a fixed time to obtain deposit income. You are welcome to transfer your idle assets and get interest as well as principal when due.

BTC event zone

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Deposit interest/Day
Accumulated GainsBTC
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1.Deposit interes time is 30 days (the interest is calculated on the second day of the registration date). The BTC will be collected and cleared after the expiration, and the interest received daily will be retained. Interest can be withdrawn and traded.
2. New user can log in to claim the deposit rewards of 4.8% daily interest on following day. If the interest rewards is not claimed it will expire next day. Frozen BTC referral fund is not available for trade nor withdraw.

Details of deposit
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Deposit Reward Rules

During the period of “mining by deposit”, BWB can be deposited for many times and the deposit period each time is 90 days.


The deposited BWB will be frozen and automatically released after 90 days.


The deposited BWB can enjoy the dividends normally.


Users can obtain 0.3% BWB of total deposited BWB per day as the mining income if depositing BWB. The income will be calculated from the day of deposit, and the income of deposit for the previous day will be distributed before 12:00 the next day.


The income of the deposit is the negotiable BWB, which can enjoy the dividend normally.


The deadline for “mining by deposit” in this period will be announced separately.