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BW trading platform promotes transparency, equality and simplification for the digital assets launching process. For the listing request, please download the application form to fill it in as well as attach relevant documents to [email protected].

For the sake of protecting the interests of investors, BW team will evaluate all listing projects which shall meet but not limited to the following requirements:

1. Certain technical basis with relatively shaped blockchain application;

2. Complete team to ensure the project maintenance and operation for 3-5 years;

3. Give priority to Premier Launch Project on;

4. Qualification and ability to issue and operate virtual currency.

BW team will contact applicants for further communication within 1-2 weeks after initial evaluation on the application form.

Listing Agreement
Listing Agreement

Article 1 Basic conditions

The applicant of this project (Party A) declares and promises that its token meets the following conditions:

1. Certain technical basis with relatively shaped blockchain application;

2. Complete team to maintain and operate the project for 3-5 years;

3. Priority to the premier listing project in BW.COM;

4. Qualification and ability to issue and operate virtual currency.

Article 2 Application Process

1. Log on to the official website and click the bottom button “Apply for listing”, Party A shall fill in the form namely “Application on listing in BW.COM” and read as well as agree to the “BW listing agreement”. Send the application form to [email protected] after finishing.

2. Party B will contact Party A if the listing is approved and further discuss the feasibility of the listing in depth.

3. Both Party A and Party B will implement the listing project and sign agreements once both parties reach a consensus.

4. Once the agreements are signed, the following plan including listing announcement, wallet technology will be implemented accordingly.

Article 3 Delisting rules

With the purpose of protecting investor's asset security and legitimate rights as well as benefits, Party B will take serious considerations on removing token. However, if any of the following conditions occurs for the token listed in BW platform, Party B will notify Party A to make improvements, otherwise, Party B will announce in advance and delist the token if Party A refuses to improve or the improvement does not meet the requirements of Party B. Any loss related to Party B or other users caused by the delisting will be borne by Party A. When Party A signs this agreement means that it has fully understood the removing rules in BW.COM and voluntarily bears all the risks arising therefrom.

1.The project team is disbanded, or the token is no longer maintained for more than 15 working days, including but not limited to the following situation:

A The official website of the token is closed and unaccessible, as well as is announced not to operate any longer;

B Party B indicates that it no longer operate in practical action;

C Token holding users are not able to contact the team;

D The operation team clearly states that the problem of token wallet function will not be resolved or has not been resolved for over 7 working days;

2. The total daily trading volume of the project is less than USD 100,000, or no user to make transactions for 15 consecutive days;

3. The token encounters diverging or a temporary increase in the total amount without notifying BW.COM ahead of 15 days;

4. Technical problem in the token contract or wallet affecting the trading and operation;

5. No communication with the trading platform and arbitrarily change on the contract address;

6. The total token amount is too concentrated with malicious pulling back or crushing after it is online;

7. More than 80% users holding the token strongly demand that this token shall be delisted or affecting the reputation of BW platform due to this token;

8. The project is reported by others;

9. Serious vulnerability in source code;

10. Party A violates laws and regulations;

11. The operation team of the project actively requests to delist the token due to its own strategic adjustment and development;

12. Other matters that do not satisfy the continuing transaction.

This clause is a supplemental clause. In order to protect the rights and interests of the users, Party B has the right to add the content of this clause at any time.

Article 4 Listing process

1. Submit the project application form by Party A, and fill in the real project information in accordance with the requirements in the application form.

2. The BW qualification review and technical review teams will conduct review once they receive the application form. They will evaluate the integrity of all submitted project materials, the compliance and authenticity of the project team. Only projects meeting the compliance requirements can enter the next step. Projects with incomplete information or non-compliance will be notified by email.

3. In order to protect the interests of users in BW, Party A must pay the corresponding guaranty fee and market value maintenance fund within three days after passing the examination.

4. Party B will arrange listing within one week after Party A pays the guaranty fee and the market value maintenance fund.

Article 5 Commitment

The project team, Party A, as the overall applicant, solemnly promises that the issuance and operation of the tokens issued by the company will fully comply with the relevant laws and regulations under Party A’s jurisdiction. The issuance and business model of the token complies with the relevant laws and regulations not involving illegal business methods such as pyramid selling, illegal fund raising, fraud, money laundering, etc. The applicant does not conduct market manipulation in any form and does not conduct insider trading.

The applicant solemnly promises to continue to monitor and supervise the market during the operation period, and will report positively if any violations.

The applicant solemnly promises that it is fully responsible for the legal operation of the submitted token. If there is any violation of laws and regulations in the course of business operation, the applicant shall bear all legal responsibilities, and Party B, BW trading platform, shall not bear any responsibility as a neutral transaction service provider. If Party A brings in any goodwill or economic loss to Party B, the applicant shall be responsible for compensation.

The applicant shall be solely responsible for the tokens issued. If there is any dispute between the applicant and the token holders or trading users, the applicant shall resolve the dispute with the user. If the dispute brings in adverse effects and losses to Party B, the applicant shall be responsible for compensation.

Article 6 Confidentiality clause

Both Party A and Party B are obliged to strictly abide by the business secrets of the other party. Without the written permission of the other party, both parties shall not provide the information of the agreement to any other party, otherwise it will constitute a breach of contract.

If Party A and Party B fail to comply with the confidentiality obligations stipulated in the preceding paragraph, the defaulting party shall compensate the observing party for all losses caused by the defaulting party.

Party A and Party B agree that this confidentiality clause will not be invalid due to the termination of the agreement.

The final interpretation right of this agreement belongs to